Gaming chair vs office chair [Battle of the Seats]


During the global pandemic, we all had to rearrange the way we live and work. One of the most asked questions became – gaming chair vs. office chair – which is better?

I’m serious.

The search volume rose from 97 in February 2019 to 1,500 in April 2019.

Alternatively, the battle of opinions can be task chair vs. office chair.

Whether you use it for gaming or work, a comfortable chair must have certain features to be a cut above the rest.

Let’s get down to the point and compare chairs until we find out which one is truly number one.

Gaming chair vs. office chair

Let’s go directly to the first question that pops into mind.

What is the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

The simple answer: gaming chairs are almost always designed with features for optimal comfort. It’s only natural – gaming means sitting down for hours and hours.

You can say the same thing applies to office chairs, and you would be right. Still, for some reason, most office chairs are not ergonomically designed to comfort your body during the long hours of sitting.

Now, let’s break it down (not literally, calm down) to the components!

Seat height

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Lumbar support

Most office chairs, except, perhaps, the oldest, come with fixed lumbar support. The standard is a curved backrest, but that’s far from sufficient.

Are gaming chairs good for your back, you ask?

Gaming chairs are usually made with additional lumbar support. A lot of times, these chairs have detachable lumbar cushions. Thus, you can easily adjust them to support different parts of your back.

So, yes. By default, gaming chairs are much better for your back than the regular office chair.


Fully adjustable armrests to support the elbows are a must-have for gamers. 4D armrests allow adjustments up, down, forward, backward, side-to-side, and at an angle.

In comparison, office chairs are usually equipped with 2D armrests that can only be regulated up, down, right, and left. 

Some are even with fixed armrests, which you can’t adjust at all.

Reclining backrest

Reclining is another feature that is primarily exclusive to gaming chairs. Don’t get me wrong most office chairs can recline… a bit, but not to the degree we’re talking about… which is 90 to 160-degrees.

Find your comfortable position, lock in the mechanism and enjoy. 

Of course, the reclining backrest is not a feature that can make or break your entire experience, but the option to find a healthy place for your back is a welcome addition.


Office chairs with built-in footrests exist, but they come at a heftier price. You can buy a gaming chair with the same feature for much less. 

Gaming chair



Office chair



Do gaming chairs make a difference, I hear you ask. Of course, it depends on what you’re comparing them with. And for what purpose you intend to use them.

Overall, gaming chairs can make a big difference, especially to those used to sit on basic office chairs. A nice, high-end gaming chair can offer advanced adjustment options alongside a stylish design.

Still, be it an office chair or gaming chair, the best way to test it is to spend several hours sitting in it. How do you feel afterward? Does your neck hurt? How about your back?

If the answer is no, then you’ve found your chair.

Just look at dear, old Eustace – he never wants to leave his chair, that’s how comfy it must be.

Ergonomic gaming chair

Presenting the 42 of chairs, the ergonomic gaming chair!

Are you surprised? This is the best possible chair you can get for any situation. It’s good for gaming, good for work, heck, it’s even good for a nap!

It’s comfortable, adjustable, and promotes good posture.

You might argue these chairs are going to cost a pretty penny. Some of them do.

Some are pretty affordable.

In fact, you can purchase a reliable, ergonomic chair for under $100!


Here we are.

I bet you’re eager to find out:

Who wins the battle: gaming chair vs. office chair?

The winner is – the ergonomic gaming chair.

Don’t act too surprised!

Give it a try, and we’ll talk again.


A: Gaming chairs usually come with advanced customization options. You can freely adjust their lumbar support, backrest, footrest, armrests, seat, etc. Gaming chairs are designed especially for those long hours of sitting, so it’s only logical they outperform office chairs in many criteria.

A: Generally speaking, probably no. Of course, some high-end gaming chairs are suitable for 9-to-5 sitting every day, but the best choice for the office would be an ergonomic chair.

A: On the contrary, gaming chairs promote good posture by using neck pillows, high backrests, and adjustable lumbar support. These features provide maximum back support and allow you to sit comfortably and healthy for long periods.

A: A gaming chair will cost you a bit more than an ordinary chair, but it will likely last longer and bring you more comfort. Investing in a gaming chair is worth it; just do your research beforehand so that you can find the perfect match for your needs.

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