Can Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Ease Your Pain? [2021 Guide to Relief]


I can see the pain in your eyes. You need an ergonomic kneeling chair.

Relax. There’s nothing to fear.

Did you know that kneeling chairs were the first type of furniture designed specifically for computers? They were even called computer chairs.

Then, why didn’t we stick with them?

Why aren’t we all using kneeling chairs like we use the regular office chairs we all know?

Are kneeling chairs good for you?

Join me as we find the answers to these questions and more.

What is a kneeling ergonomic chair?

It’s a chair that allows you to sit in a position that reduces lower back strain. These chairs have a recognizable design with the main goal of placing your thighs at a 60-70-degree angle. This way, part of your body weight is supported by the chins.

As mentioned earlier, kneeling chairs were initially created as furniture for computer work. Back in the 1970s, Hans Christian Mengshoel and Dr. A. C. Mandal started the kneeling chair revolution in an attempt to develop alternative seating positions.

Mengshoel invented the original kneeling chair – the Balans chair – in 1979. From there on, three Norwegian designers followed in their footsteps, creating chairs in the same principle. And ever since, there have been all kinds of variations.

But enough about the origins, you probably want to know:

Why should I use a kneeling computer chair?

In most cases, people start using an ergonomic kneeling stool because of specific health problems.

Yes, I’m talking about all the issues that come from desk jobs involving long hours of sitting: bad posture, back strain, joint stiffness, and so on.

Kneeling chair benefits

Kneeling chair reviews

Nothing speaks more for a product than the opinions of those who’ve used it. For the purposes of this article, I read over a hundred online reviews about kneeling chairs. Here are the key takeaways.

The good, the bad, the beautiful:

People who are used to sitting for eight or more hours a day find the chairs uncomfortable. Of course, it’s not the same as with regular office chairs. Kneeling chairs are not designed for 8 hours of sitting but rather for short sitting intervals followed by standing up.

On the other hand, some users find kneeling chairs extremely comfortable and advise setting 30-minute alarms to prevent overspending time in the position.

Other users mention it took them about a week to get used to the position, but they get pretty comfortable in it afterward.

The majority of users report a significant decrease in lower back pressure and an increase in proper sitting posture habits.

There are some negative reviews regarding the sturdiness and overall quality of kneeling chairs. This is why you should always look for products you can return in the first thirty days of the purchase; because of malfunctions, discomfort, or other inconveniences.

In summary, most reviews are positive. Seems like a large portion of users realize and accept the long-term benefits of kneeling chairs and stick with them instead of going back to regular office chairs.

The thing is: you need to go through the initial adaptation time. For example, you might not feel the kneeling chair as your thing at first. However, if you manage to work in it for a week or two, you’ll probably gradually start to feel much better and embrace the change.

Kneeling vs. sitting

At the end of the day, the question is – is it better to kneel or to sit? Of course, generally speaking, it’s much better for your posture and muscles if you kneel.

After all, the ergonomic kneeling office chair was explicitly designed as a computer chair — less pressure on your spine and shins, better digestion, blood circulation, and breathing. Not to mention strengthening your core and back muscles.

What’s not to like about an ergonomic kneeling chair?

Well, it’s not for everyone.

You can’t just make someone use something because it’s good.

Some people don’t like changes, and they don’t like kneeling computer chairs. Mainly because their routine involves a regular office chair. 

But if you’re not afraid to try new things out and you welcome changes in your life, a kneeling chair can totally deliver.

All in all, kneeling is better than sitting, except for those people who never want to get up.

Types of kneeling chairs

Now that you know all this information about kneeling chairs let’s take a look at the different types there are on the market.

Kneeling stool

An excellent choice for your home office. Inexpensive and simple yet effective, this stool will satisfy your ergonomic needs.

Single padded kneeling chair

There’s a cushion for your legs and a seat cushion – a classic kneeling chair. They usually come with wheels, which makes them easy to move. The design of this chair is simple, but it will help you improve your posture.

Double padded kneeling chair

This one may make you wonder how to sit in a kneeling chair. It might look odd at first, but it’s actually designed to relieve pressure.

The two separate leg pads help to keep your legs at a perfect angle. Most models come with an arched base, allowing you to rock back and forth. This eases the symptoms of arthritis and promotes muscle tone.

Deluxe kneeling chair

Now, this is the real deal. Of course, it costs more than the other chairs, but the investment is worth it. This is an adjustable kneeling chair that offers knee pads, lumbar support, backrest, and even a five-wheel design in some cases.


Here we are!

If someone were to ask you know: are kneeling chairs good for you, you would have all the knowledge to explain and convince.

You can name the benefits of the ergonomic kneeling chair, its origins, and every other important piece of information you might need to know.

Your pain will soon fade.

Now go on and spread the word.

A: Kneeling chairs promote conscious sitting and allow you to correct your sitting posture. They were originally invented as ‘computer chairs’ and stimulate you to spend more time standing and take breaks, as it gets uncomfortable to sit in a kneeling chair for hours without getting up.

A: Kneeling chairs are better for your posture. They make you sit at around a 20-degree angle and keep the natural curve of your lower back. They also make you stand up more often, allowing your back to take a rest.

A: When sitting on a kneeling chair, your back, shoulders, and neck are aligned, so there’s less stress on them.

A: A rocking kneeling chair is perfect for those who like to rock. Seriously, apart from the stylish look, a rocking chair provides constant movement and boosts your productivity and focus. It also helps you stretch your lower back and strengthens your core.

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