What is an ergo desk? [2021 Guide and Review]


You think you’ve won the game, but with an ergo desk, you unlock new levels.

New skills to unlock, more XP to gain.

Yeah, I’m not talking (only) about games.

Using an ergonomic computer desk is the essential DLC you’ve wanted to play your entire life.

Let me walk you through the tutorial.

What is an ergo desk?

The ergonomic, or ergo, desk is a product that aims to maximize comfort and safety. The ultimate goal of ergonomics is to prevent health hazards and increase both efficiency and productivity.

Better health and more work getting done – what’s not to like?

These hazards are mainly due to a wrong sitting posture: neck stiffness, back pain, eye strain, wrist problems, headaches, etc.

How does an ergonomic work desk do that?

The new skill you unlock by using an ergo computer desk is the option to work standing. This allows you to be more active, switch work positions, and even do standing desk exercises.

It’s just like realizing you can fly with a jet pack in GTA V – it changes the whole perspective.

No, really.

You can’t imagine what difference it makes to work standing for at least a couple of hours a day.

Ergo desk review

Let’s take a detailed look at all the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the ergo desk.


  • Dual-stage desk legs
  • 3-stage dual motors
  • USB port
  • Customizable
  • Easy installation


  • Maximum load capacity – 120 kg (~264 lb)



This smooth ergonomic work desk has all the high-end features you would need for your unique working experience.

First of all, it has dual-stage lifting columns (a.k.a desk legs) that allow a swift and effortless shift from sitting to standing position in a matter of seconds.

Then, you have the three telescoping leg segments or lifting columns – guaranteeing stability and rigidness.

Last but not least, you get three positions you can memorize. So, that’s another super-efficient way to optimize and enhance your experience.

Remember one position for when your sitting, one for when you’re standing, and one extra for whatever situation you choose. And to take things one step beyond – you have a USB port on the right side of the height adjustment controller.

How convenient is that?

Let’s overview the features:

  • Three telescoping legs segment
  • Dual-stage lifting columns
  • 3 Saved positions
  • USB port
  • 120 kg maximum load capacity
  • Customizable desk board colors
  • Customizable length, width, and height


On top of that, this classic ergo computer desk comes in a minimalistic white hue. Still, for a mere €20, you can customize your desk in a wide variety of colors:

  • Premium White
  • Black Shagreen
  • Titan
  • Graphite
  • Powder Grey
  • Ferrara Oak Brown-Black
  • Oak Toronto Shock
  • Walnut Aida Tobacco
  • Walnut Pacific Tobacco
  • Ferrara Oak Light
  • Bardolino Oak Nature
  • Acacia Lakeland
  • Woodline Cream


But this is not all, folks!

You can adjust the length, width, and height of your ergo adjustable desk for the low added price of €5 to €15 or €30 if you want a custom size of your choosing.

The size varies between 1100 and 1700 mm or 110 to 170 cm (3’6 – 5’5).

In terms of width size, you can choose from 580 to 700 mm (1’9 – 2’3). The minimum height you can select for your desk is 640 mm, and the maximum – 1290 mm (2’1 – 4’2).

This nifty ergo desk can support up to 120 kg (264 lbs) of loading capacity. However, I’m putting this as a con, as some desks on the market can support up to 158 kg (350 lbs).

In reality, 120 kg should be more than enough unless you plan to put some cumbersome stuff on your ergo table.

For all that it does, how much do you think this unique electric ergo desk costs? Thousands? An arm and a leg?


Only €312.

Go ahead and check out the competition. I guarantee this is one of the best desks for your money’s worth.


There are a lot of pros when you use an ergonomic work desk. For starters, you can adjust the height of your desk, so it fits your proportions perfectly. This is ideal even if you just want to use the desk while sitting.

If you want to stand and work, you’re covered, as well. Just press the button and voilà. Click one of the three numbers plus S, and the desk will memorize the position, so next time you can just click the number and get your preferred height automatically.

Use the built-in USB port to your advantage. For example, during the hot summer months, I charge my USB mini-fan.


Ready to unlock and explore new levels? Start working on an ergo desk, and you will feel like you’re playing the game for the first time.

You can max out your stamina, train your agility, and improve your vitality.

Using an ergonomic computer desk is precisely the buff you need to carry through the most demanding stages of the game.

Be the hero that saves the day.


A: If you want value for money, the best ergonomic desk is 

A: Standing can be an excellent way to avoid gaining weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to combine standing with exercises like standing crunches, lunges, leg lifts, etc.

A: There are a few essential guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Adjust your desk to your elbows height.
  2. Keep your head straight.
  3. Your wrists should be parallel to the desk surface.
  4. Relax your shoulders.
  5. Adjust your monitor to eye level.


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