Why the future belongs to hybrid office spaces?


Times change, and this holds true for offices too.

Technological advancements, the rise of remote work, and global business have altered how companies view their workplaces. Businesses that aspire to grow must always be looking for ways to upgrade and improve their workspaces. In recent years, companies have focused on improving the office space, especially due to the growing number of freelancers and people seeking positions with remote work options.

Many businesses are now interested in making their office spaces more attractive, comfortable, and conducive to productivity. One popular solution that has emerged is the hybrid office. The rise of hybrid office spaces is due in part to the effects of COVID-19, but it’s not just a temporary trend.

A well-planned and efficiently equipped hybrid office can provide numerous benefits to employees and employers alike, such as improved cooperation, teamwork, and overall company atmosphere. These advantages are too important for any entrepreneur to ignore.

In this article, we’ll provide some tips on building a successful hybrid office space. We’ll explore its main features, planning rules, and considerations for furnishing such workspaces. Our aim is for you to learn some useful new information that will help you create an ideal workspace for your employees.

Welcome to our (hybrid) office!

Снимка-колаж на млада жена, облечена формално, разделена между домашния си офис и корапоративния офис

What you should know about hybrid office spaces

First of all, let’s clear up any confusion about the name. A hybrid office is simply a shared workspace that improves internal communication and work processes within the team. It doesn’t involve any scary sci-fi equipment or cloning machines, so don’t worry.

With some planning and creativity, any company can transform a dull office into an exciting place to work. You don’t need to break the bank hiring expensive interior designers or investing in futuristic gadgets.

The concept of hybrid offices comes from the “hybrid work model,” which combines on-site work with remote work. It allows workers to enjoy the flexibility of working from home while also having a physical location where they can come together to collaborate. Some companies require workers to spend a certain amount of time per month in the office, while others leave it up to individual preference.

The beauty of furnishing a hybrid office is that there are no strict rules to follow. They can work in large or small spaces, with or without natural light, and can fit any room shape. Any office can be transformed into a hybrid workspace with a little creativity and planning.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and find the setup that works best for your team.

What all hybrid offices have in common

Although no two hybrid office spaces are exactly alike, they do share several fundamental similarities.

In the end, every effective hybrid office space should answer to the following requirements:

The core concept of any hybrid office is to make work as easy and flexible as possible, given that worker demands are constantly changing.

If your hybrid office offers both in-person and remote work options, it needs to accommodate both scenarios. This means providing everyone with comfortable and effective ways to communicate and collaborate with each other, both in-person and remotely. The office should have quality hardware, including fast and reliable processors and efficient monitors, as well as adequate software for video meetings, collaboration, and task management.

However, it’s also important to consider scenarios where all workers are on-site in the office. No one wants to be stuck without a seat! Plan your office to meet the needs of all workers, regardless of how many people are there.

Снимка на отворен компютър с графика на екрана върху дървено бюро

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

There’s no denying the importance of teamwork in any workplace. To foster collaboration, it’s essential to have a designated area in your hybrid office. Just as the planets orbit around the sun, your office equipment should revolve around the concept of teamwork. Everything you invest in should aim to facilitate collaboration among your workers.

One or more dedicated co-working spaces are mandatory in every hybrid office. But before you rush to Google for a definition, let’s be clear: you already know what a dedicated coworking space is.

Collaborative workspaces can take many forms, from presentation rooms to meeting spaces. But too often, these rooms are uninspiring and lack personality. However, teamwork doesn’t have to be sterile; in fact, a relaxed environment can encourage creativity and productivity.

There are many ways to create a dedicated collaboration space. In modern hybrid offices, these areas often resemble comfortable lounges or atmospheric settings. Separating collaborative areas doesn’t always require walls – with thoughtful furniture selection, you can create distinct zones even in an open office. Creating neutral territory in this way can help everyone involved in the meeting feel more at ease.

Office furniture that conveys a positive atmosphere

Thankfully for most people and sadly for some lovers of antiquity, the archaic office is gradually fading away. Nowadays, it’s becoming less common to find dim and grubby rooms that resemble something out of an old Bulgarian film from the 90s. Companies are now prioritizing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their office spaces. This trend has resulted in offices that are enjoyable to work in, instead of ones that you can’t wait to escape from.

Here is the must-have list of hybrid office furniture:

If we have to repeat the main message of this article once more – the modern office space needs to be adaptive. This is especially true for hybrid companies where the number of remote and in-person workers changes frequently.

In the first place, the furniture in your hybrid office should be “hybrid” – combining style with function. Nowadays, professionals value both their professional development and their physical well-being. Office furniture should provide workers with an ergonomic workplace where they can concentrate without sacrificing their lower back.

To meet today’s requirements, hybrid offices should include furniture that is easily movable and adjustable. Our advice is to invest in ergonomic office furniture that can quickly change its size and position as needed. This will save you both money and time and effort in case of possible relocations and rearrangements.

The needs of workers come first

Снимка-колаж на млада жена, облечена формално, разделена между домашния си офис и корпоративния офис

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways, including the way we work. As a result, businesses have had to adapt and change their perception of the workplace. With the implementation of various measures, many companies had to quickly pivot and adopt new ways of working, such as Zoom and Skype meetings, and using tools like Trello and Slack. This has shown that work can be done effectively regardless of physical location.

Hybrid offices have gained popularity as companies realized they can combine in-person and remote work to ensure safety while maintaining productivity.

Modern offices prioritize the needs and requirements of their workers by providing everything necessary for a comfortable and efficient work experience. In today’s world, the workplace has undergone a radical transformation, reflecting the ever-changing needs of the workforce.

Hence, a good, fully-functioning hybrid office space should include AT LEAST the following:

All of the elements listed above are important components of good hybrid office furniture.

However, the most important element that we didn’t mention is you – the person in charge of the office. It’s your responsibility to research, plan, and implement the project for an ideal hybrid office.

By investing time and effort into these aspects, success is within reach! Remember, even the best furniture can’t compensate for poor planning and execution.

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