Furnishing a small office: How to do it?


We guess you have spent hours arranging the furniture in your home? Is the internet full of tips on how to furnish a small living room or bedroom to make it look bigger? Why should the small office be an exception?

Of course, after your home, the office is one of the places where you spend the most time. How you arrange your office, no matter how small, says a lot about your level of productivity and motivation to work.

Some say that a small office space tends to make them feel confined. It makes them feel limited, oppressed and clumsy. That may be true, but only if you don’t do something about it.

Trust us, the problem is not the office space. The problem is in the arrangement of the furniture. Yes, that’s right – you just need to furnish your work environment in the right way. This will make you perceive your office in a radically different way.

Which brings us to the question this article is about. Namely – “how to arrange the furniture in a small office”? Well, let’s find out!

Снимка на колеги в офиса, който обсъждат бизнес план

The first step to furnishing a small office: Cleaning

We know many people will groan with annoyance just reading the above headline. But the truth is, the first step to changing your office space is cleaning. You can’t transform a small office while every inch of it is in chaos.

Browse all workboxes, files, folders. Dig through everything else around and throw away what is no longer useful to you. The purpose of the class is to clear your office of absolutely everything that does not contribute to your productivity or work.

If you work in a larger office and the week is too busy, you can always set aside the weekend for a thorough cleaning. If you work in people who are your subordinates, then it is unlikely that they will accept such news with enthusiasm. In that case, you can make the event more interesting – with music, pizza and a small cocktail at the end. After all, who said cleaning had to be boring?

Analyze the office space carefully

Once you’ve cleaned the office, you’re one idea closer to the goal. Now is the time to remind yourself that patience is a virtue. Before you rush to rearrange old furniture and accessories, or buy new tables and desks, think.

Carefully examine the small space in which you intend to arrange your furniture. You’re stuck with furnishing a small office where you work every day – treat the task with respect.

Use specialized tools to measure the space in the office – standard and laser tape measures, levels, tapes, etc. It is recommended to be absolutely sure of the measurements of the office in order to utilize the space as best as possible.

In this line of thought, be sure to pay attention to the windows (hopefully there are any).

If you have exterior windows, you can highlight them to make the room less confined. Make them the protagonists of your office interior – they will repay you with more light and a sense of freedom and harmony.

Снимка на работно бюро, обзаведено с лаптоп и офис аксесоари, позиционирано до прозореца в офиса

Determine the needs of your office ​

When you’re done with your small office size analysis, you need to go back to the drawing board. In other words, after thinking, you need to think some more (we promise, we’ll get to the action in a bit).

Before placing the new office furniture or arranging the old ones, you should answer the following question – what is the purpose of this office? What would you like to achieve by furnishing this cute little workspace?

Do you need individual desks? Or do you prefer large desks for several people to work on? Do you need monitor stands? Will you need cable channels? These are all important questions and it’s a good idea to answer them before you start the actual furnishing.

Other factors to consider – storage of documents, accessories, accessories and appliances; the overall flow of people and the movement that will take place in the workspace. This will help you to have more mobility in the office.

We’re sure you’ve heard many people say that they don’t know how to get the most out of their small office space. That small offices are a terrible place to work. This is because these people have not tried to change these small spaces.

The fact is that furnishing a small office is not that difficult. All it takes most times is a little creativity and flexibility. Of course, you must be willing to try something new.

Use compact office desks

One way to make your small office an oasis of comfort is to use a compact office desk.

Although larger desks usually offer work and storage space, a compact desk remains the best piece of furniture for a small office. And that doesn’t mean everyone in the office will feel like hobbits while at work. You can find plenty of small adjustable desks on the market that provide efficiency and functionality.

Compact desks don’t just serve well in corporate environments. If you are planning the furnishing of your home office, there is nothing stopping you from using adjustable desks in such an environment.

Compact desks provide significant space for efficient work and fit into the tightest of spaces. This type of desk is usually around 600mm-800mm wide. Also, better office desks offer height and width adjustments.

A desk should be enough if you work alone. If you work in a team, you can arrange several of these types of desks to create a sense of team and belonging.

Another great way to arrange furniture in your small office is to use a standing desk. In addition to providing more work space, a standing desk provides more opportunity for movement and exercise.

Снимка на конферентна зала с голяма маса и ергономични столове около нея

Invest in good office chairs

Besides the desk, another thing to consider when arranging the furniture in a small office is the chairs.

An ergonomic office chair is the best to use for any office, especially for a small office space. This type of chair is specially designed to fit in a limited space. Also, they help improve your posture. Such a plus may seem cosmetic, but it is really beneficial for your health if you work long hours.

In addition, an ergonomic chair will go well with a compact desk. When you combine two adjustable office appliances into one, it multiplies the personalization options for everyone working in the office.

Provide free space between office furniture

Everyone has had the chance to leave their furniture a little messy, especially when tidying up or after work. This is a more tolerable problem in large office spaces. There is more free space and messy accessories are not that big of a problem. Whereas a small office that is outrageously messy is a problem.

So when furnishing your office, address this issue as early as possible. This will not only limit the stuffy office problem but also provide some sense of good office mobility. Such a feeling can be invaluable to the overall atmosphere of work.

It is crucial to ensure a distance of at least a few meters between furniture when arranging in a small office. This is vital for the freedom of movement of people there.

Of course, to leave free space between your furniture, the furniture itself must be compact enough. Choose the desks, chairs and accessories for your office according to the specifics of the room itself. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

What is there to take away?

All in all, we hope this article has helped give you an in-depth insight into how you can arrange furniture in a small office space to get the most out of it. Taking on the task of furnishing a small office is no laughing matter, but it is by no means impossible.

You should also be prepared to keep your office clean at all times. That’s right – clean regularly. It is disorganization that is one of the reasons that make you think that the small office is too crowded with unnecessary things.

You can do this by cleaning your furniture like your desk every morning. Also – by clearing out any documents you no longer need. There are now many desk clusters on the market designed with built-in storage that make your organization easier.

Also, when arranging furniture in a small office space, always try to match the purpose of the workplace with the personal needs of everyone working there. In this way, you will not only make the small office a wonderful and tidy place, but also improve the overall productivity.

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